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Stop being afraid

A while ago I posted, on my new defunct myspace blog, about fear and being fearless, it was a post that I revisit every now and then when I discuss life, the things I do, what I accomplished, and going … Continue reading

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More blog design issues fixed!

Well it seems that I have finally gotten my blog under control. Today was the final step in implementing a few core design changes, fixes, and nuances.Thank you for your patience (and my code craziness).

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Blog Design Issues

Update: September 18th – MAJOR ISSUES WITH IE FIXED! 😀 Forgive the current appearance of the blog, I’m working on fixing a lot of the design issues that cropped up in a recent update, including a major issue with IE. … Continue reading

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Replaced by a jukebox

With a recent schedule shake up at my residency X.R. Bar it seems that I won’t be DJing there anymore. X.R. Bar has decided to replace the DJ’s there… with a jukebox. A part of me feels slighted, another relieved, … Continue reading

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Well, this week has been marred with patches and drama. Have to love that combination. When I’m not fending myself off from drama about my products, I’m then dealing with the lack of being able to log onto the grid … Continue reading

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Officially one of the major characters in the Second Skin Documentary

Those guys over at Pure West Documentaries are doing a documentary about persons within virtual worlds and their lives. They had already interviewed me and considered the possibility of following me around a bit. It seems after going through their … Continue reading

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Is Sunday a bug?

Seems like this was the weekend of drama, and today, Sunday, the day of things going wrong. At the moment, I’m at the high., with a good friend of mine, as we are discussing the current problems with the Second … Continue reading

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