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All has been calm… thankfully!

Rarely do you see an article of this nature. The minute a grid attack happens that shuts down or slows down the grid, the minute some sort of devastating, net shattering news is announced (such as certain sections of the … Continue reading

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the high. radio.

A project I’ve been playing around with for a while has come to fruition. Introducing the high. radio (beta). A constant stream of downtempo, house, reggae, and hip-hop fit interwoven to be chill. ambient and comfortable music for all to … Continue reading

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World of War-ween

Last night was something that brought me back to the days of GridStream Productions, and Anarchy Online. On the Argent Dawn server, the RP guild, Talons of the Gryphon, hosted a Halloween Party, with my as their DJ. Unlike SecondLife, … Continue reading

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In the mix…

A good portion of my calendar has been focused on pounding out two mixes, or samples of my DJing style. Coming from an online background this concept was at first foreign to me, but now it’s quite standard for a … Continue reading

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MORE Internet Explorer Issues…

Further update: so i did some further testing, it seems that older versions of IE may have problems viewing the blog appropriately. As for IE users, things still seem as if the site works for you, feedback still appreciated if … Continue reading

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Desktop DJing

In the DJ community, turntables are being replaced with laptops, and even iPods. Several DJ magazines have begun to cover this trend, but I find it humorous that for me, I seem to be doing the reverse, going from the … Continue reading

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Machinima attention

It seems that Machinima is getting a lot more attention these days. In Second Life, moo Money has been the person pushing for Machinima attention, being the Community Manager for Alt-Zoom Studios. She made me aware of the Mackies awards … Continue reading

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Inital SLCC Survey Feedback Released

Initial results of the SLCC ’06 have been released. Continue reading

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Being followed, again!

This past weekend was an interesting one with my friends over at Pure West Documentaries. If you are unaware, I’ve been made one of the main characters in their new documentary about the blending of lines between virtual and non … Continue reading

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Another Rough Week in Second Life

This week was another rough one for Second Life citizens. It started with several attacks on the the grid this week, along with a planned update not going as can be expected. Granted, Second Life is not the most stable … Continue reading

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