Router Frustrations II

After purchasing the new router (a Belkin N1 Wireless Router), I figured that all of my problems were solved! WRONG! It seems that my network has a few problems with it. First was the router, it was not as easy to set up as reviewed… the Belkin N1 v2 comes with out dates set up software, after a few restarts, having to manually configure certain settings, my router issues were solved! BUT, at that very same time my cable modem decided to act up. Not only did my modem decided to act up, it did so during tonights Dance Party at The L Word. After fighting with it, and fighting throughout a good portion of my show to regain any sort of control, Naydee McGettigan saved me from the technical difficulty chaos that was.

I feel very disappointed with what has happened, and feel that I have to make it up sometime this week. Technical difficulties happen, but they do frustrate me, especially DURING a show. I feel as if the quality of what I’ve tried to do never reaches its peak. What’s next? Tomorrow I fight with an ISP about acquiring a new modem. I then pray all works as it should!

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