apex-high studio. sponsors the Virtualive.tv Machinima Contest!

apex-high studio. is proud to sponsor the Virtualive.tv Machinima Contest!

Virtualive.tv is a concert that blurs the lines of the real world and the virtual world. Music always transports us to different worlds through melody and voice. Music is often paired with music videos to turn the sound of songs into a visual representation of what they represent. This time, the visual representation is virtual.

apex-high studio. is proud to sponsor the Virtualive.tv Machinima Contest. By taking one of the songs by Shock Radar, or Buddahead (the two bands playing at the Canal Room on May 10th), we want you to create a music video representing music in Second Life. The winning person will win $10,000 L. We highly encourage obtaining footage from the event in Second Life on May 10th, 2007.

To enter into the competition, submit your entry to machinima@apex-high.com with your name/group/affiliation, your Second Life name and a short description of your machinima. All submissions must be received by May 18th, 2007. Judging will happen and a winner will be announced on June 1st, 2007.

For information, official rules, and added material, visit www.apex-high.com or click here.

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