Second Life Community Convention Registration Portals

Everette Linden has announced that Linden Lab is going to try an experiment in the upcoming weeks on how to handle the influx of new registrants into Second Life. This would be done by using already existing community portals as entrances into the world rather than just Help Island. While LL tries this test, I have to say that this points at a very large opportunity for companies, advertisement, community building and education.

Imagine if you will that a new resident comes in and really likes movies. If they came in through say Fox Sim in Second Life, and had billboards for advertisement, not only would Fox be obtaining new people who are entering Second Life, but also new eyes and most importantly they have an opportunity to build from it. They could hold “welcome to Second Life” classes, parter with an organization in Second Life to help do some themed classes and offer prizes, hold events.

I have to say that the best execution of this idea has been The L Word in Second Life. Now that Linden Lab is testing this idea and orientation Island is well overpopulated and its welcoming experience isn’t too welcoming, it is a great opportunity for other groups and organizations to really approach Second Life as mean to extend their band. Think of it as using the internet, some people use Comcast, Road Runner, Verizon, Optimum Online, etc. Although everyone is reaching the same destination, each one has a portal in which you can start from.

Also as a person dealing with data, I would really like to see some metrics on how these portals work. How many events does each sim have, how many people staffed to handle new residents, a metric for being Second Life Proficient, what tools are available to become Second Life proficient, what works as an orientation, what does not work as an orientation. I’m really interested to see how these things turn into community starting points.

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