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Preparing for the Worse: Internet Broadcasting Alternatives – Part 2

At the end of this week the new royalty rates for broadcasting music gets implemented by the CRB. While there is an effort to prevent these new, oppressive rates from going into effect (and effectively destroying a lot of Internet based radio). This week I decided to take a look at the alternatives for Internet Radio, especially for those who DJ in Second Life where the market place is not as lucrative for DJ’s. Today, I want to focus on another method that makes it viable to play artists music, and for free, and that is by acquiring direct permission. Continue reading

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Preparing for the Worse: Internet Broadcasting Alternatives – Part 1

With the deadline for the increased royalty rates looming, I wanted to focus on alternative ways to keep Internet Broadcasters alive. This series I will run thoughout this week and will focus on Internet Broadcasting Alternatives. While this article may seem damning in the fight over Royalty Rates and fees that were imposed by the Copyright Review Board earlier this year. I feel that it is better to be prepared rather than caught off guard. Even if a resolution to the excessive royalty fees are made, the alternatives that I will highlight can only enhance current Internet Broadcaster options. If you want a full recap of the CRA decision and it’s fall out, the Broadcast Law Blog, the Radio and Internet Newsletter, and the group have done a great job in covering the issues. In this post I want to focus on IODA Promonet. Continue reading

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Transformers the Movie

After seeing this years Independence Day Blockbuster, I was going to rail HARD against the industry for not taking advantage of using Second Life for the movie Transformers. Boy was I wrong, not only wrong it seemed that I missed … Continue reading

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NF Radio Launched

Launching of NF Radio, my personal radio station featuring primarily dance, hip-hop, house, reggae, and electronic music. Continue reading

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