Event: The L Word in Second Life (September 28th, 29th, 2007)

Two events happen this weekend (if you count Friday night as the beginning of a weekend). The first is the usual Friday Night party, back at it’s original time 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific and will run for 3 hours! I’ve been listening to a bunch of new music including tracks from Kanye West’s new album Graduated and T.I.’s recent album T.I. vs T.I.P. so expect some new, interesting tracks. The festivities happen at The L Word Club (SLURL)

Then on September 29th, is the L Work Karaoke, were you can sing along to tracks (and I think there is a prize for the best singer). You choose the tracks (if available) and well they are sung! The festivities begin at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific and happen at the L Word Stage (SLURL)

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