[Postponed] Event: Fall Fashion Trio (November 10th, 2007)

I was just informed by the organizers of this event, that it has been postponed. I’ll update with further announcements!

AmySue Shirakawa (Adored), Gabrielle Gateaux (Chez Gabrielle) and LisaAnne Juniper (Inks & Kinks) have teamed together and having a fall fashion show entitled the Fall Fashion Trio. On November 10th, 2007 at 3 pm PDT/6pm Eastern, the Fall Fashion Trio will be previewing their Fall lineup of fashion for Second Life.
Special prizes will be awarded during the show as well as discounts on all the new clothing. And this is a really great opportunity to see their new outfits, hair and skins for the Fall!

I’ll be DJing this event and it will take place at the Alhena Sim in Second Life SLURL.

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16 Responses to [Postponed] Event: Fall Fashion Trio (November 10th, 2007)

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  3. waw! good to know the fall fashion show .first time i read about this.it is very interesting also.thanks.

  4. Very interesting news. first time held a fashion show in trio.

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  8. please update if its going to happen again.

  9. Avinash says:

    It would be very great if you provide the detail of next event coming next time.

  10. I was visited that event.It was just awesome.I will try to be in the next event.

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  12. Wow,its really very interesting to hear fashion show in trio.I will definitely want to visit the next event.

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