Happy Holidays! I hope that you are not sober when you’re reading this post!


Traditional holiday greetings, suck. “Happy Holidays”, “Hope you have a great Holiday”, “Merry Christmas!” In this web 2.0 world of new communication, I really feel we should change the way we greet everyone for the holiday. “Happy Holidays! I hope that you and your wife are working on the next baby Jesus!” “Merry Christmas! I hope that you got rich off of your presents!” “Feliz Navidad! I thought it would be even special if I wished you plenty of eggnog drinking in a different language!”

In all seriousness, the holiday is a time where we begin to reflect on the past year, our joy, our sadness, and spread joy and fun to those who have made a special impact on our lives. Outside of the gift giving, eggnog drinking, special time spending, joyous eating, caroling, helping, tell the people that you care about to have a wonderful holiday, and then tell them how much they mean to you.

Happy Holiday’s everyone! I really sincerely hope that you’re not sober when reading this post! If you are, please go back out, grab a bottle of something and spend more time with your loved ones.

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