The Best of That Music You’ve Heard of in 2007

Well, the current year draws to a close, and with that it is time to reflect on the past year and pick out the gems that made ’07 memorable. I usually do this with just music but I’ve decided to do this very differently. The next few posts will be the Best of 2007 in different categories: Music, Music You’ve Never Heard of Before (independent), and Second Life stuffs.

Today, I’m going to highlight my top picks of 2007, those that I struggled with not putting on the list (honorable mentions), and those other things that make you just go “meh”.

Top Picks

1) The top most memorable topic from 2007 was the 50 Cent vs. Kayne West (vs. some country star) battle for the #1 record. Kanye won (his album was a Barry Bonds), 50 Cent copped out by saying he won… in the UK! Kanye’s album kicks ass, period. Thus making my #1 song of 2007 “Stronger”.

2) Free music ruled the news lines for some time, both Radiohead and Saul Williams released their WHOLE album for free online. Everyone is praising the Radiohead album for being genius (but I think it’s because they got it for free). In my opinion, the Saul Williams/Trent Reznor collaboration of Niggy Tardust is not only more edgy, more prolific. Hear Saul cover U2’s “Bloody Monday” has to be my #2 song of 2007.

3) There are many reasons why I’m hot; one of them could be that I finally have a theme song that proclaims it. Music is My Savior, you know him as MIMS, released that song that dominated the summer “This is Why I’m Hot.” His album is also very good, a combination of smart intelligent tracks and club songs make it a must have. My #3 song has to proclaim why I’m hot, just like MIMS “This is Why I’m Hot“.

4) I’m a huge Linkin Park fan, loved them ever since their first CD. Their music is raw, edgy and that combination of rock and rap that I’ve loved. In 2007 they decided to switch it up! Their album, Minutes to Midnight, is the growth of the band and in true Linkin Park fashion, I don’t think there is a bad song on the album, but “Bleed it Out” definitely calls to me.

5) I understand what T.I. goes through on a daily basis; he has to fight with his other personality T.I.P. It got so bad he made an album about it, T.I. vs T.I.P. T.I. is a smart rapper and not just a “thug” rapper and this album shows it (just listen to “Da Dopeman”). T.I. definitely showed what was popin’ in 2007… and that’s why my #5 song of 2007 is “Big Things Poppin’ (Do It)“.

Bonus Pick: I would be very wrong not to mention Jay-Z as a part of my top chart. American Gangster is a hot album, although it came out later in 2007, it feels too much like a 2008 album. Jay-Z’s album is possibly the 2nd or 3rd best album of the year (behind Kanye West and Linkin Park), but because of the late release, I did not feel right placing it on my top 5 picks (but it is definitely worth it!) Everyone is clamoring over “Rock Boys” but the “Hello Brooklyn 2.0” with Lil Wayne is my bonus pick (call it me biased).

Honorable mention:

We all want to be under Rihanna’s “Umbrella“. R.Kelly is a “Rock Star” who is all about that “Real Talk” (and that’s Real Talk!). Barney, Hulk Hogan, and just about everyone else “Cranked That” with Soulja Boy. Tiesto rode the seven seas with his remix to “He’s a Pirate” from pirates of the Caribbean. knows that you got it from your mamma. Musiq Soulchild wants to be your B.U.D.D.Y. and Ne-Yo says It’s because of you! Chamillionaire blew up this year, not only was he on the “Morning News” but also on the “Evening News”, soon after the “Hip-Hop Police” got him.


Rich Boy threw some D’s on it (which got remixed and then was used in a Soulja Boy song about his grades). Everyone may want to get in Bed with J. Holiday, but I’m sure after listening to his album you will want to get right on up. Hurricane Chris, at 18, is used to hearing that he’s still just “A Bay Bay”. Avril Lavigne wants a “Girlfriend” (which isn’t a bad song), as for everything else… Lavigne said it best “I Can Do Better.”

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