Music Resources for Second Life

I’m quite sure after posting this, I will receive a few comments about resources that I am completely unaware of. The music community in Second Life is very separated in my opinion. There is no one source (or sources) for a true list of what is going on within the music community in Second Life. One question that I always receive is what resources are there in Second life for music in Second Life, the answer is that there isn’t many and they are all spread about, some have not been recently updated. There are, however, some good resources, a list that I would like to add to as time goes on.

  • Second Life’s Music Community’s Page – this is a brief overview of the music community as represented by Second Life. The page includes a and an abbreviated list of live music events.
  • Second Life’s Music Showcase – this is a better and growing overview of the music community. It includes resident submitted music venues, a short “music blog”, and a list of “Music Headlines” on the site. This is a really good bird’s eye view of what is going on.
  • Second Life Music Community Forum on – in response to the Linden Lab created mailing list, a few members of the music community started the Second Life Music Community Form. It’s a nice budding source for some of the on goings about music.

I would love to see more portals (I’m currently working on a music portal project). If you have a music portal, please contact me so I can add it to this list.

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5 Responses to Music Resources for Second Life

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