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I get asked every now and then by a Mac user “How Do I DJ off a Mac?”  I really wish I had the answer for you (I don’t own a Mac, not by choice!).  While I really do wish I had a Mac to test out DJing/Broadcasting there are some software and tools that are Mac specific.  An alternative (again not tested) is to also try using boot camp and DJ as you normally would under a Windows system. Here’s some Mac specific software for online DJing and Broadcasting:

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  2. Sir Real says:

    I use Audion 3 for the Mac, it was discontinued as a commercial product some time ago, but you can still download it here, and it's free!

    It's very reliable and easy to use, and is a great media player and general purpose audio converter into the bargain …

  3. ryan says:

    hey man, im tryin to get started i got a mac but dont no were to begin got n e tips?

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