OtsAV Review: An Alternative to SAM Broadcaster

OtsAV is a series of program packages that perform audio web broadcasting, web radio automation, or video web broadcasting.  With my recent upgrade to Windows Vista, I was forced to seek alternatives to popular web broadcasting software such as SAM Broadcaster and Winamp.  OtsAV, recommended to be my friend DJ Tarsis, fit the bill but was problematic.  While it claims Windows Vista support, it did not enjoy my microphone configuration, something I’m attributing to its complex configuration options, not complete Vista support and my lack of a microphone only soundcard.

Problems aside, OtsAV is a very deep program worth looking into, and different than Winamp but does compare to SAM Broadcaster.  OtsAV comes in three flavors, DJ, Radio, and TV.  For most DJ’s, Video support is not necessary, landing most of them to gravitate towards the DJ or Radio package. The DJ package pricing begins at $199.95, but skyrockets to $299.95 with its Pro Package.  DJ and Radio packages both stream to shoutcast servers, and perform much the same SAM Broadcaster does.  The difference is that OtsAV automatically adjusts all of the played music so that it plays at the same sound level, which is great. CD’s from different eras are mastered differently causing tracks to play at different sound levels. OtsAV automatically adjusts all of the tracks to the same sound level, eliminating this problem.  Another feature many DJ’s would enjoy would be the automatic beatmatching in the Pro package.

The major differences begin with Ots’s lack of file support, I frequently complain that SAM Broadcaster does not support ACC+ files, and neither does OtsAV. The difference is that OtsAV does not support a wider range of files than SAM Broadcaster. This lack of feature is made up by an impressive media library and media library functions, a music viewer, and for those karaoke fanatics a karaoke viewer (a feature that is not very helpful online.)

Although OtsAV DJ contains many powerful tools, it is the most expensive of web broadcasting software available online. It could as a replacement for SAM Broadcaster, but I cannot recommend the software for most web broadcasters.  Its breath of features does not make up for the lack of flexibility and complexity as compared to cheaper software. If you are a major radio station or need software for specific purposes (such as Karaoke, or web radio automatition) I would highly recommend it for you. Otherwise stick with your current software.

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7 Responses to OtsAV Review: An Alternative to SAM Broadcaster

  1. nonkultur Moon says:

    I want to thank you for this article. I refuse to spend $200 for 3-6 hours a week. I'd buy my own parcel and server with that kind of money.


  2. nonkultur Moon says:

    Oh dear I am sorry wrong blog. 😉 I did look at the free version of OtsAV and might see if it works with BUTT or WinAmp

  3. Scam Broadcaster says:

    The software does not work properly and support is completely indifferent towards the customer. I purchased this software for $300 and when it didn't work, I was told that I needed to pay another $120 for an update because my hardware was "too advanced" for the software. I contacted support twice about this and asked them to resolve the problem but they told me they "don't support my version" and I need to pay AGAIN for an update. As a professional broadcaster, I can't recommend or use software. You have to babysit it in the background to make sure it's working properly and didn't crash and during a live show, this is really impossible when you have to focus on everything else. I would recommend this as a toy, but not for anything going out to the public if you value your reputation as a broadcaster or station. Their support (or lack thereof) is directly indicative of their intention. Make money with a sub par product and screw anyone who's dumb enough to give it to them.

  4. Gordon Pilcher says:

    if you use acc my advice is get your hand on a Mac and use Radiologik it comes with voice tracking and clock tracking I wasted thousands on OTS but still haven't see any of the promises implemented and if you complain they are rude, do touch it. you can't sell it without paying a transfer of licence fee. I can't comment on Sam as I never bought it.

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