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FIC 2.5

  The Feted Inner Core (or FIC) is the creation of the popular virtual world antagonist Prokofy Neva. FIC is akin to the virtual world illuminati, and best described as those people who are “deemed” as Second Life elite, cool … Continue reading

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SL5B Performances on 06/25/08 and 06/29/08

The Second Life 5th Birthday has begun, and is going to feature a plethora of Second Life artists, musicians, and DJ’s.  Along with the panel “Second Life Artists making a RL Careers” (I’ll talk about it in a different post).  … Continue reading

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06/24/08 – Chillaxin’ @ the high.

It’s Tuesday, and there has been a LOT of activity in Second Life.  The SL5B (Second Life 5th Birthday) is underway, there’s lag all over the place, and things are just getting crazy.  The beginning of the week is a … Continue reading

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06/21/08 – The Artists Park Grand Opening Gala featuring Darkadia and Into the Night

The Second Life artists part is re-opening with exhibits from Silverdrake Sparrow’s Darkadia, and Petr Vanbeeck’s Into The Night. Their exhibits will be revealed to the public while I (Nexeus Fatale) DJ the grand opening festivities. Things begin at 6/21/08 … Continue reading

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06/19/08 – Thursday Night Dance Party @ the high.

Summer is right around the corner! To celebrate the warm weather, beaches, and A/C, the Thursday Night Dance Party is going to be a “summer” theme. Great summer hits, songs about the summer, and music that you can hang out … Continue reading

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Get Firefox 3!

Today is the Firefox 3 Download Day!  It’s an attempt by those at Mozilla to set a Guinness World Record for the most downloaded software in 24 hours.  Although there was a hiccup at the beginning of the download day, … Continue reading

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06/17/08 – Chillaxin’ @ the high!

It’s Tuesday and time to Chillax!  Today is a really good day to come over to the Chillaxin’ tonight as we will be revisiting the good old times.  Chock full of that smooth soulful music from the 70’s and 80’s, … Continue reading

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My new approach to Second Life

If anyone has wondered why I’ve been very silent of late, it is for good reason. Along with the planning of the 2008 Second Life Community Convention (registration is now open for everyone!), creating new products under a different brand … Continue reading

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New Website Design

It seems every other season or so I change the design of my website.  Well it’s been changed again to a more stable, flexible design.  It’s good enough to be launched (yay!) and I hope you all enjoy it!  It’s … Continue reading

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06/03/08 – Chillaxin’ @ the high.

It’s Tuesday and I’ve already had a rough week! I’m sure I’m not the only one! The best thing to do is chillax, with great music and conversation. Silky smooth music paired with great beats and conversation, the Tuesday Chillaxin’ … Continue reading

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