New Website Design

It seems every other season or so I change the design of my website.  Well it’s been changed again to a more stable, flexible design.  It’s good enough to be launched (yay!) and I hope you all enjoy it!  It’s taken me just over a month to get all of the nit picking down (if your wondering why I haven’t been posting as much of late, this is one of the many reasons why).

This website change also represents a change in a few other things.  Stay tuned, there will be a more detailed post about the additional changes, soon!

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4 Responses to New Website Design

  1. Fleep Tuque says:

    Nice redesign! The front splash page looks great and I like the simple layout scheme. I'm trying to ignore the "time to redesign" urge you're inspiring… 😉

  2. @Fleep yeah I've definitely been working on this for a bit. I wanted less of a blog, more of a website. I really wanted to get more creative but it did not happen, simple just worked for me.

  3. Jone Smith says:

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  4. maja says:

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