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Four Years Today

Four years ago, I ventured into a new world. One that had existed for roughly a year and a half. It was a world I’ve heard about some time ago on CNET, but my interests peeked in late August 2004 … Continue reading

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Derailed! Nexeus Fatale Currently Unavailable for Second Life Events!

I hate technical failures. They derail any progress always force me to change my plans. Today, my graphics card has melted under the weight of Second Life and other graphic activities. This failure means that the system I’ve relied on … Continue reading

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08.07.08 – The Thursday Night Dance Party

In August 2003, I started my DJing career with GridStream Productions.  Many years later I’ve seemed to make a career out of this online DJing thing, and it’s fun as all heck!  Throughout the month of August and on the … Continue reading

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Introducing The Metaverse Wire

In the past I have been critical of the Second Life Media. Although the media sources have improved since my initial comments, I still feel that there is a lack of one, central media source that just did the news. … Continue reading

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Great Strides Charity Auction

Here’s an event I got asked to do, but I’m unable because of several factors, I still wanted to give Great Strides a shoutout for their upcoming fundraiser. Great Strides, a non-profit in Second Life aimed at promoting emotional healing … Continue reading

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Second Life Venue – The Fabulous 50’s

Remember a time of roller skates, Drive-In’s, and sock-hops? I don’t at all (I’m too young.) But for those who enjoy 50’s pop, music or style may get a kick out of a new venue titled “The Fabulous 50’s”. They … Continue reading

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[Event] 08.03.08 – TheDiva Rockin’s RezDay Party

TheDiva Rockin is the Social Media “Diva” if there was any.  This woman is more connected, more knowledgeable, and a great great friend. The countless amount of jokes that we have together, “drunken” pictures taken on cell phones, oh and … Continue reading

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