Today is the day to vote! Go do it!

Vote Image

"Fired Up, Ready to Vote" poster from the Obama Campaign (

In New York, there’s just under 6 hours left to vote, polls close at 9pm. All throughout the country there’s still time to vote! Go, vote! I voted for Barack Obama, and I think you should as well. If you disagree, vote for McCain, or your own write in candidate, but just VOTE!

If you don’t know where to vote, use Google Maps to find your voting location.

I also share my experience of voting today on Utterli, take a listen:

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  1. essayontime says:

    We should have to know the value of the vote that is deciding about our future that we give in others hand. As they are going to hold the collection of the votes this is looking pretty interesting that we will get new one.

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