True Widow – Self Titled Album [Review]

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The fact that I find True Widow’s music to be calming, even at its heaviest, surprised me when I was introduced to group through their track Corpse Master. True Widow maintains all of the tenants of post-grunge; it is dark, moody, and heavy, although the core of their sound revolves around a softer, brooding sound rising to menacing guitar chords. It’s almost as if Alice in Chains, Tool, and Bush merged their great qualities and created a new 3 piece band from Texas.

What impresses the most on the bands self titled album, is their mixture of sound. Their vocals are not overpowering and in many cases leads to ghostly sound as its placed underneath chords and drums, as heard in AKA, Duelist and Flat Black. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed the guitar on this album, it ranges from broodingly moody (AKA) to frighteningly potent (All You Need) to dark-groove (Mesh Mask) without feeling misplaced, orphaned, or small. Matched with a consistent groove and rhythm section, I couldn’t help but to be drawn into the bands sound.

For a 3 piece band, True Widow does not sound like one. Their album is well put together with such a sound that’s easy to become surrounded by. Even their album’s artwork (which I first thought was a puppy’s butt underneath some covers) is mysterious and compelling.

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Album: True Widow (available on Amazon MP3, iTunes)
Corpse Master – courtesy of IODA Promonet
I.N.O. (Unreleased Demo Track) – courtesy of End Sounds

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