Filastine – B’talla (feat. Rabah) [Free Music Friday]

Dirty Bomb

I’m a sucker for music that crosses over several genre’s. Even if I don’t understand what’s being said, but the combination is well put together, I’m going to love it. Filastine is yet another example of this mix, his recently release B’talla is a mix of hip-hop, drum and bass, dubstep covered with the flair of bollywood. While I don’t understand a word said on the track, the dub beats interlaid with both Indian and hip-hop flavor make it an amazing track (I would love a translation though).

Artist Information

Artist: Filastine – “B’talla (feat. Rabah)”
Label: (Post World Industries)
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  1. I would need to agree with the point here and I envision that your assumptions are amazing.

  2. nsongs says:

    both Indian and hip-hop flavor make it an amazing track. Nice sharing

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  4. picta says:

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