Nexeus Fatale is a Brooklyn, NY based DJ who performs both online and offline, a virtual world consultant, and a Second Life content creator. His focus is the combination of music, virtual worlds and MMO’s, social media, and online technology.


Nexeus’ DJ career began in 2003 with his weekly show “The Apex-High” on Gridstream Productions, a MMOG based radio station. In 2004 Nexeus discovered Second Life, and soon after becoming a resident began to perform various events throughout the virtual world. It was not until 2005 when Nexeus began to perform for live audiences in bars and clubs throughout New York City and the United States, while continuing his online performances. To this date, Nexeus Fatale performs in both online and offline venues.

Other Virtual World Activities

Nexeus has worked with companies, organizations and groups in shaping virtual world projects and initiatives. His wealth of knowledge and understanding of the virtual world space has lead successful campaigns that have enhanced brand identity, project awareness and engaged virtual spaces in innovative and creative ways. Nexeus has worked with many projects including, The Four Eyed Monsters and served as a virtual world consultant for the award winning documentary Second Skin. Nexeus currently sits on the board of directors for The Future United, Inc., the organization responsible for organizing the Second Life Community Convention.

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