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Selling Your DJ Services in Second Life

Selling services as a DJ requires developing a marketing package and portfolio. In real life this includes having access to a demo and maintaining several copies of a business card on your person at all times. In Second Life offering … Continue reading

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How to Get a Hired as a DJ in Second Life

Getting hired in Second Life has evolved as the world has grown. When it was a much smaller community, word of mouth was the only way to get hired for an event. As the world has grown and the tools … Continue reading

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Crowd Recession: Reasons Why Crowds Aren’t Returning to Events

DoubleDown Tandino and Morris Vig have both touched on a recent ‘dilemma’ concerning events in Second Life, attendance to events seem to be shrinking during an increase and vibrancy within Second Life. Morris points out highlights of a successful events … Continue reading

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DJing on Linux with the Internet DJ Console

DJing on Linux is an interesting topic, most audio servers are ran on Linux systems, but DJing tools and applications are far and few in between. One tool I stumbled upon recently was the Internet DJ Console. The IDJC has … Continue reading

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iTunes DRM-free Music Affect On The DJ

Last week, Apple announced it would be removing DRM from music served through the iTunes store. This is great news for DJ who rely on iTunes, although you may be paying more. With the change, iTunes implemented a new pricing … Continue reading

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How to DJ in Second Life

DJing in Second Life seems like a very complicated process, it requires different components, planning and testing. This post is an outline of the requirements needed to DJ in Second Life. This is not a technical step by step guide, … Continue reading

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Automatically Update Music in SAM Broadcaster

One of Winamp’s best features is the ability to scan and update music from designated music folders into your library automatically. This feature is very useful; especially since I’m always updating my music collection and adding music to a “to … Continue reading

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OtsAV Review: An Alternative to SAM Broadcaster

OtsAV is a series of program packages that perform audio web broadcasting, web radio automation, or video web broadcasting.  With my recent upgrade to Windows Vista, I was forced to seek alternatives to popular web broadcasting software such as SAM … Continue reading

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Problems DJing with Windows Vista

After its release in 2006, I’ve decided to upgrade to Windows Vista.  While I enjoy the operating system, there are some incompatibilities with my favored method of DJing, which is by using Winamp and the Shoutcast DSP.   The Vista soundcard … Continue reading

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Do you still have to pay royalties for free music?

The business model for music is changing; many artists are beginning to take music in their own hands and offering free digital tracks.  As a DJ this is wonderful news, you’re able to obtain great music without a super huge … Continue reading

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