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Online DJ with a Mac – Resources

Digital DJ

I get asked every now and then by a Mac user “How Do I DJ off a Mac?”  I really wish I had the answer for you (I don’t own a Mac, not by choice!).  While I really do wish I had a Mac to test out DJing/Broadcasting there are some software and tools that are Mac specific.  An alternative (again not tested) is to also try using boot camp and DJ as you normally would under a Windows system. Here’s some Mac specific software for online DJing and Broadcasting:

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BUTT: Broadcast Using This Tool

I want to talk about BUTT!  No, not the posterior, it’s a free online broadcasting/streaming tool (it stands for Broadcast Using This Tool).  A fellow DJ pointed me to the blog post of Komuso Tokugawa where he talks about the pro’s and cons of BUTT.  I’m always interested in new tools, especially ones that can make my life potentially easier and gave it a whirl, while it is not a replacement for SAM Broadcaster or Wianmp, it could be worth your while. Continue reading

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Improving your show: Check your Microphone

There is one guarantee when DJing, there will be microphone problems. Sometimes the microphone is very low or very loud, or the quality is just dreadful. The quality and settings of your microphone will make or break your show in Second Life (and online). I have attended a lot of shows where the DJ was playing great music but their microphone quality was horrible immediately turning me off. I myself have had microphone problems turning a potentially great show into a horrible experience. Before a gig, perform a simple microphone test, turn on your microphone, talk into it and monitor the levels. This process takes as little as 5 minute or as long as 30. While a microphone test does help you determine if something is wrong, or how ineffective your microphone is there are ways to improve your microphone quality. The factors for better quality are: the quality of your microphone, your hardware and sound settings, and your software sound settings. Continue reading

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How to Become a Good DJ

This is a question I’m asked often concerning DJing in Second Life, and my answer is usually “practice and dedication.” I’m not attempting to be abrupt or callous; it is the short version of the longer answer. No piece of equipment, software, song or magic fairy dust makes one DJ better than another. It is the collection of how the equipment, software, songs, and ingredients of the magic fairy dust that makes a DJ better. The most expensive software, mixing boards and techniques don’t instantly make a person a good DJ, it really takes a lot of practice and dedication to become good. I feel that what a person really wants to know is “How Do I Begin to Become a Good DJ?” That’s a question I can answer in more detail. Continue reading

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DJing Tip & Trick: While DJing in Second Life, turn down or off EAX

Usually I DJ with two computer systems in Second Life, one system to run Second Life another to run my streaming software and play music. The system I used to DJ with was old, and I had to do the … Continue reading

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DJing with Winamp vs. SAM Broadcaster really comes down to Vorbis OGG or AAC+

SAM Broadcaster is a popular Internet broadcasting software. It’s pretty popular and has a lot of integrated functions for a “professional” feel. Winamp is a simple, easy to use music player that you can use to DJ with the Shoutcast … Continue reading

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Music Licensing Issues in Second Life

SLNN recently ran an article concerning BMI and music Licensing in Second Life. SLNN reports that “Currently, DJs in Second Life are not required to pay performance rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC, but that may change in … Continue reading

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Four years of DJing, plenty more to go!

Nexeus Fatale
The past four years has been an interesting, wonderful and exciting ride. There has been so much that I’ve done that I never expected to do when I stared DJing online four years ago. I’ve meet so many interesting people, joined so many interesting topics, every now and then I get a story about how what I’ve done has affected someone (which shocks me the most). The friends, “family”, and people I’ve loved throughout this process has made every single moment worth it. Four years ago, I would have never, ever, thought that anything I’ve done, accomplished, achieved, would come true. Continue reading

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In the mix…

A good portion of my calendar has been focused on pounding out two mixes, or samples of my DJing style. Coming from an online background this concept was at first foreign to me, but now it’s quite standard for a … Continue reading

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Desktop DJing

In the DJ community, turntables are being replaced with laptops, and even iPods. Several DJ magazines have begun to cover this trend, but I find it humorous that for me, I seem to be doing the reverse, going from the … Continue reading

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