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Nexeus Fatale’s virtual journal containing his experiences of virtual world life, being a DJ, and life in general.

Pardon The Dust – Redesigning In Process

Please pardon the generic look of my website, some must needed and long overdue redesigning is taking place. Some of the sites features may not work as well (or at all), and some content may be removed or replaced entirely. … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties Overcome!

There was an April Fools joke played on me, in the case of major technical difficulties. Since Tuesday, and my e-mail was hosed! Not only was the domain down, but I was unable to reach and gather any e-mail … Continue reading

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Three Recessions and I Still Have Too Many Gadgets

Around New Years, @designpepper suggested several interesting blog titles and topics for anyone to write. It is appropriate that almost three months after the topic and title was suggested I’m finally writing the post. Far too often I believe my … Continue reading

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Life at 28: How Much Things Have Changed

Today is my birthday! Bow down to me and give me a ton of money! (How egotistical does that sound?) So I turn the bug Two-Eight today, lots has gone on in the past year (when I got the best … Continue reading

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The Madden Curse Collides With The Cursed Jets

  I’m a HUGE NFL fan, and I’m a HUGE Jets fan! While talking about football isn’t something you’ll expect me to discuss on my website, I wanted to throw everyone a curveball and touch on a subject close to … Continue reading

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[nf_d], the high. closed (temporarily) and moving

My virtual properties, the high. lounge and the [nf_d] store are closing temporarily and are moving to a new location. This move has been in the works for a bit, but felt now was the best time to complete these … Continue reading

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Featured in Time Out New York

I am very excited! I’ve been dancing around all day! I’m featured in this week’s Time Out New York! The article is titled Make Money, and features a host of jobs that you can do as easy side gigs to … Continue reading

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Don’t Call It A Come back! I’ve Been Here for Years!

I’ve been hinting at a “come back” for a few weeks now. If you remember, in August I was derailed and unable to perform ANY Second Life events due to major technical difficulties… well I got some things fixed. Like … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! Get ready for 2009!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy and reflect on 2008 but get ready for 2009! Talking about 2009, this video makes a few things official about the beginning of this year.

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Merry Christmas and The Holiday Crumpet Story!

I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas this year! I hope that you are able to spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones and bask in their presence. Christmas is a very interesting time of the … Continue reading

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