Puke In My Mouth (Jizz in My Pants Response)

I’m a huge fan of Jizz in My Pants, I cannot get enough of this song (much to my listeners chagrin). Last month I stumbled upon an awesome remix and a few days ago I stumbled upon the female response, Puke In My Mouth, by the Pantless Knights. I’m not sure if the response to jizzing in my pants is puking in your mouth, I always believed there to be laughing, ridicule and “it’s okay, it happens to everyone.” Either way, it’s a funny remix to a funny song about funny things that happen. Add to the humor that the video sponsors Ms. Taken, a fake engagement or wedding ring aimed to ward off douchebag men. Oh and you can download the free mp3 of the song too!

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Heather Park – Woman Warrior [Free Music Friday]

Heather Park’s song, Woman Warrior, was an unexpected but powerful find. Beauty Publicist by day, R&B/Soul Singer by night, the NYC based Korean-American singer impressed me with the strength of her voice and the way she coveys’ feeling through her music. Woman Warrior (inspired by Maxine Hong Kingston book) is an empowering, upbeat song about being taken “for all I have to offer”. The hook of this song is powerful, starting with “Here I am,” and follows with an uplifting message.

Heather Park states she’s wrapping up her 2nd album may be released in Spring 2009, and you can get a sneak peek of other tracks on her website. While your checking out her music, watch the music video to “Leave Me to Dream” (embedded above) from the soundtrack of the film West 32nd.

Artist Information

Track: Heather Park – Woman Warrior
Artist: Heather Park
Get More: MySpace | Twitter

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Gliss Tour Comes to NYC May 4th & 6th!


Gliss is on tour and coming to New York City during the the first week of May! A few weeks ago I reviewed their new album “Devotion Implosion” and was very impressed, now I’m excited to see them live. Their two NYC dates are May 4th at Mercury Lounge in Manhattan (which I’ll be attending) and May 6th at Union Hall in Brooklyn. They are also touring with The Take Over UK (a review of their album is coming soon). Tickets are still available for both shows at Mercury Lounge ($10) and Union Hall ($10).

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Independent Music Awards Presents: Story Songs – May 7th, 2009

On May 7th, The Independent Music Awards will be presenting “Story Songs”, an evening of music featuring Richard Julian (3rd Annual Independent Music Awards: Album of the Year Winner), Kristy Kruger (6th Annual Independent Music Awards: Album Americana Winner) and Amy Speace (6th Annual Independent Music Awards: Song Country Finalist & 6th Annual Vox Populi Winner & 9th Annual Independent Music Awards: Album Folk, Singer/Songwriter Finalist).

The event is called “Story Songs” because each artist will be performing songs that either tells a story or inspired by their own unique experiences. To fit the story telling motif, the event will be hosted at the Broadway’s Symphony Space Theatre, home of NPR’s Selected Stories and hosted by Anthony DeCurtis, author of In Other Words.

Tickets are available now for May 7th and are $25 in advance, $30 at the door. The event begins at 7:30 pm with free drinks. Continue reading

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They Live By Night – Endless Summer (I Always Wanted a Pony! Remix) [Free Music Friday]

"facing the music" by snappybex on Flickr

By the time you read this, I’ll be taking one of the oldest forms of transportation to Baltimore, MD. No, I won’t be arriving by horse, I’ll be traveling by train. If I had a pony, I would be galloping all across America. If I were traveling by night this post would be complete with stories connecting this weeks free song, artist and title. Sadly until They Live By Night change their name to He Wakes Up At Dawn and creates the single “He Travels All Over the Nation”, this post will be void of a connecting story.

Regardless, this electro remix of Endless Summer by I Always Wanted a Pony! has been stuck on my playlist for some time now. It takes a really light summer like song and dirties it up, but makes it completely accessible to club mixes and dance playlists.

Artist Information

Song: They Live By Night – Endless Summer (I Always Wanted A Pony! Remix)
Original Artist: They Live By Night
Remixer: I Always Wanted a Pony!
Get More: They Live By Night (Amazon | Make Up - Destination: Love; Live! At Cold Rice - They Live By Night) | I Always Wanted a Pony!

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Björk – Náttúra (Switch Remix) [Free Music Friday]

Image from Björk Pics http://unit.bjork.com/specials/pics/frame.htm

I seldom find Björk’s music adaptable for remixing. This generations eccentric artist falls between experimental pop with moaning, grunting and screaming and progressive artistic electronica with moaning and screaming. When I heard this dub/dancehall inspired remix by Switch I was very impressed and never thought Björk would adapt to reggae so well. It’s left me speechless. Náttúra is from Björk’s single to benefit the Náttúra aimed to preserve the Iceland Environment.

Artist Information

Track: Björk – Náttúra (Switch Remix)
Artist: Björk
Remixer: Switch
Get More: Original Single (AmazonMP3)

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Crowd Recession: Reasons Why Crowds Aren’t Returning to Events

The ASpiRE! Fan Appreciation Party 4-22-07_029

DoubleDown Tandino and Morris Vig have both touched on a recent ‘dilemma’ concerning events in Second Life, attendance to events seem to be shrinking during an increase and vibrancy within Second Life. Morris points out highlights of a successful events but that doesn’t explain the full reasoning for a lack of event attendance.

Continue reading

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Jizz In My Pants (Mexicans With Guns Remix) [Free Music Friday]

Jizz In My Pants - Mexicans With Guns Cover

Image courtisy of http://getbusy.bandcamp.com/

When Jizz in my Pants was released, it became a favorite song of mine and reached the top of my top comedic songs. During a meeting of the DJ minds yesterday, I was introduced to a remix of this song by Mexicans With Guns. This remix is a Dubstep version of the Lonely Island Song and a must listen!

Track: Jizz in My Pants (Mexicans With Guns Remix)
Get More: Get Busy Records

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Gliss – Devotion Implosion [Album Review]

Devotion Implosion Album Cover

Gliss is an orgasm that you never had…. it is cheerful, dark and naughty at the same time… "Gliss is happiest blowing your mind" as they did mine… this is me mimicking the one-sheet I received of Gliss.

It was the cheerful, candy-wrapped sound of their single Beauty from their new album Devotion Implosion that drew me towards the LA based group. The hazy, grungy female vocals layered with a bright musical flourishes and a head bopping beat enticed me for more, it was like like Hole meets Bush meets U2. Gliss, comprised of Victoria, Martin and David, is a "hazy experimental, fucked up pop" (their description) rock music that is a practice of extremes. Their follow up song, Anybody Inside is a darker, fuzzed sound with haunting vocals but a quick pace. Beauty provoked the imagery of enjoying time with a lover in a park while Anybody Inside invoked running away from the ghost of said lover in a dark forest.

The album is a combination of upbeat music (Morning Light, 29 Acts of Love and Beauty) and mellower drinking music (Sleep, and Sister Sister) all provoking imagery of love, sex, relationships and the messed up parts in between exemplified in one of my album favorites Lovers In The Bathroom. The sound matches the imagery, it’s either upbeat, or sexy and soothing, but always contains a edge that makes it seem a bit naughty.

Artist Info

Website: http://www.gliss.tv/
Album: Devotion Implosion (iTunes | Amazon)
Release Date: April 7th, 2009
Highlight Tracks: Beauty, Lovers In the Bathroom, Sister Sister, Morning Light
Listen: last.fm | MySpace
Upcoming NYC Tour Dates: 05/04/09, Mercury Lounge (Manhattan) | 05/06/09, Union Hall (Brooklyn)

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The Toxic Avenger – Superheros 2007 [Free Music Friday]


I’m a fan of The Toxic Avenger, aptly named about the popular mop carrying superhero. Toxic Avenger, the alias of frenchman Simon DeLacroix, is some of the best electro music, mixing electro, break and tricked out synths, his music is definately danceable (but a PAIN mixing). I’ve featured Escape (one of my favorite tunes) on the NF Mix, but sharing another favorite Superheros 2007 from the same album.

Track: The Toxic Avenger – Superheros 2007
Label: iheartcomix
Get More: Album Details | iTunes | Amazon

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