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Yes you can!

Tonights election brings forth some powerful personal thoughts usually reserved for my own private journal, however I felt the need to share it with you tonight. Please enjoy! If you have been told to live down your dream, not reach … Continue reading

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Today is the day to vote! Go do it!

In New York, there’s just under 6 hours left to vote, polls close at 9pm. All throughout the country there’s still time to vote! Go, vote! I voted for Barack Obama, and I think you should as well. If you … Continue reading

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There are more important things…

This week, there has been mass hysteria, protests, and anger over a change in policies announced by Linden Lab. A large amount of energy has been poured into getting others involved in fighting the changes, most of which don’t become … Continue reading

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Lesson Learned from 9/11: Vote!

It is hard to talk about 9/11 without repeated every other mention of the tragic event. It is even harder as a New York native to discuss it without having fits of rage, anger and disappointment quickly following any recognition … Continue reading

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