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New Weekly Event: Club Fusion – Nexeus Friday’s

The end of your week has just gotten better. I’m going to be performing at Club Fusion (read as taking over the club) in Second Life, every Friday Night from 8pm – 10pm PDT (that’s 11pm – 1 am on … Continue reading

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Crowd Recession: Reasons Why Crowds Aren’t Returning to Events

DoubleDown Tandino and Morris Vig have both touched on a recent ‘dilemma’ concerning events in Second Life, attendance to events seem to be shrinking during an increase and vibrancy within Second Life. Morris points out highlights of a successful events … Continue reading

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02.07.2009 – MechanizedLife Grand Opening Party

In January, Codebastard Redgrave purchased MechanizedLife and incorporated it with her current brand of items.  On Saturday, Feburary 7th, 2009 there’s is going to be an all day party at the Rouge Sim starting at Noon PST/3pm EST, for the … Continue reading

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How to DJ in Second Life

DJing in Second Life seems like a very complicated process, it requires different components, planning and testing. This post is an outline of the requirements needed to DJ in Second Life. This is not a technical step by step guide, … Continue reading

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Orange Incorporates a Music Festival for their One Year Anniversary in Second Life

On Sunday evening, Jade Lilly presented a demo of what Orange has in store later in the month of October. Orange is planning a music festival as a part of their 1 year anniversary in Second Life. The unique aspect … Continue reading

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Four Years Today

Four years ago, I ventured into a new world. One that had existed for roughly a year and a half. It was a world I’ve heard about some time ago on CNET, but my interests peeked in late August 2004 … Continue reading

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07-18-08 – Dance Into Relay

The Relay Raiders, a part of the Relay For Live, present a 12 hour music event called “Dance Into Relay” that will take place just before the opening of the relay weekend. Throughout the event there will be 2 stages, … Continue reading

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07-17-08: Thursday Night Dance Party @ The 2008 SL Footwear Expo

The Second Life 2008 Footwear Expo is a display of 65 popular Second Life shoe designers.  The Expo aims to help raise money for the ASPCA, which is being done through donation kiosks, raffles, and donations based on the sale … Continue reading

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SL5B Performances on 06/25/08 and 06/29/08

The Second Life 5th Birthday has begun, and is going to feature a plethora of Second Life artists, musicians, and DJ’s.  Along with the panel “Second Life Artists making a RL Careers” (I’ll talk about it in a different post).  … Continue reading

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06/24/08 – Chillaxin’ @ the high.

It’s Tuesday, and there has been a LOT of activity in Second Life.  The SL5B (Second Life 5th Birthday) is underway, there’s lag all over the place, and things are just getting crazy.  The beginning of the week is a … Continue reading

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