The End of the Thursday Night Dance Party

Since November 8th, 2007, I’ve performed a weekly event on Thursday, known as the Thursday Night Dance Party. What started out as a weekly event, as a part of the CSI:NY in Second Life promotion, turned into a weekly event, I have performed with great enthusiasm.

In May 2008, due to the closings of CSI:NY, the Thursday Night Dance Party tradition was further carried to a club/lounge I owned, and thus Thursdays continued to rock!

It was roughly a year later, that CodeBastard Redgrave and her newly built sim Rouge, providing a new permanent home to the Thursday Night Dance Party (of affectionately known as TNDP). The first show was on March 19th, 2009.

It’s been an amazing 5 year run of the TNDP, and an amazing 3 year run holding it at Rouge, but the time of the TNDP has come to an end. The Thursday Night Dance Party will continue weekly until March 22nd, 2012. At that point, two new projects will be replacing the weekly show!

I want to thank everyone who has supported myself, and the event for these awesome 5 years, and most importantly to Codie and Rouge for being an amazing home for the last 3 years! Without them, I’m sure I would have not has as much fun!

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Appearing on the Cybergrrrl Oh Podcast, June 4th, 2010

This week I’ll be appearing on the Cybergrrrl Oh Podcast at on June 4th at 11 am SLT on her studio at Rezzed TV Ampitheater in Second Life. I’m sure we’ll talk about my life as a DJ, some of my old projects, and some of my new ones as well. I also promised I’ll wear some bells (now to find them!)

You can learn more about Cybergrrrl Oh thru Twitter or blog.

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Launching: Metaverse Wire

About three years ago, I wrote a post that was critical of the Second Life media and news outlets and voiced a frustration about not finding reliable, easily accessible sources of information that focused on actual Second Life news. Almost to two years ago, I began working on a project titled “The Metaverse Wire” which was my frustration turned into action. It’s aim was a website where residents, organizations and individuals could submit relevant news, stories, and happenings into a well organized, quality controlled website. Admittedly, my efforts stalled, for many reasons.

In the last three years, Second Life and the metaverse has changed, “news” websites have closed and I continue to find relevant sources of news and information concerning the entirety of Second Life difficult. There’s a few websites who’ve become better at disseminating news about the metaverse, but I believe more can be done.

Over the past year, I’ve toyed with several possibilities for creating a news sources that covers the ongoing’s of Second Life. I also wanted this news source to able to include the activities, technologies, and resources that are built upon and around the virtual world I know so well. The core of this possibility focused on two important aspects:

  1. News and information has to be driven by “the community”, communities, or guest submissions, and
  2. It had be accessible to all parties and organized in a manner that allows for easy, and simple retrieval.

For many months, I have been creating, testing, building, destroying, and creating again the foundations of such a product and resource. Today, I’m proud and able to release what I’ve imagined as a simple, easy to access and submit resource for news concerning the metaverse community, called Metaverse Wire and can be found at

Metaverse Wire is a submission based website, where residents, groups, and organizations can submit articles of interest concerning activities within and surrounding the Metaverse. Submitted articles will be reviewed and approved to appear on the website. Currently, Metaverse Wire is in beta, but open for public use, which is its first milestone. Soon, other milestones such as in depth tools for automatic story publication, advertising, sponsorships, and Second Life integration will be added to the service.

Feel free to give the website a spin, kick the tires, submit some news and provide any feedback to help make the project better.

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:. WoE .: Rouge Exclusive Release Party

:. WoE .: "Rouge Exclusive" Party!

:. WoE .: has created a a special edition of the Olivia Lingerie set in Red for CodeBastard Redgrave, owner of Rouge, and releasing it as an exclusive set.  To celebrate the release of this outfit, which can only be purchased at Rouge, :. WoE .: designer Dick Wiesel will be hosting an event at Rouge, Wednesday, May 12th at 7pm PDT with myself (Nexeus Fatale) as the DJ. This will be the first time this exclusive lingerie will be available for for sale! Come join at the Rouge Sim, beginning at 7pm!

Event Details:
Time & Date: May 12th, 2010; 7pm – 9pm PDT
Genre: House, Hip-Hop, Funk
Location: Rouge Sim (

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Pardon The Dust – Redesigning In Process

Please pardon the generic look of my website, some must needed and long overdue redesigning is taking place. Some of the sites features may not work as well (or at all), and some content may be removed or replaced entirely.

Please forgive me for any inconvenience this may have caused you!

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3.04.10 – Thursday Night Dance Party at 7pm PDT

Thursday Night Dance Party (December 2009)

I’ve taken a hiatus from DJing over the past two months, call it needed rest time. Over the past two months I’ve been asked “Nexeus, when are you coming back?!” The answer is today! The Thursday Night Dance Party returns at Rouge in Second Life at 7pm PDT, tonight, Thursday March 4th, 2010.

Check out additional information on the Thursday Night Dance Party.

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KMADD Sim-Reopening Party

Kirk and Maddox KMADDToday, KMADD is hosting a sim-reopening party! Called “the male fashion capital” in Second Life, KMADD is dedicated to the appearance, fashion and style of men. I’ll be DJing the KMADD Party at 4pm PST | 7pm EST in Second Life at KMADD City (SLURL: Come and join the festivities!

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Friday Fusion

Friday Fusion Poster (December 20090

Friday Fusion is a weekly event with DJ Nexeus Fatale hosted by Reach Isle. The event starts at 8pm Pacific (Second Life Time) | 11pm Eastern every Friday at Club Fusion. Music has an emphasis on House, Pop, Club/Dance and Hip-Hop and music requests are gladly accepted.

To attend the Friday Fusion, use the following SLURL within Second Life:

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Thursday Night Dance Party

Thursday Night Dance Party (December 2009)

The Thursday Night Dance Party is a weekly event with DJ Nexeus Fatale and hosted by the Rouge Sim and Mechanized Life. The event starts at 7pm Pacific (Second Life Time) | 10p Eastern every Thursday at the Rouge Lounge. Music varies from House and Hip-Hop to Funk and Rock and music requests are gladly accepted.

To attend the Thursday Night Dance Party, use the following SLURL within Second Life:

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Performing at Burning Life 2009 – Saturday October 24th, 2009

Burning Life, a virtual version of Burning Man within Second Life is winding down this weekend, and I will be a part of the last weekend celebratory festivities. On Saturday, October 24th, 2009 at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT I’ll be performing at Burning Life at the Tokyo Stage. I have an exciting set lined up filled with mashups, remixes, and cultural fusions – very much what Burning Life and Burning Man is. Come celebrate the burning of the virtual man at 4pm on Saturday, October 24th in Second Life!

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