Munchflower Zaius had to use the bathroom!

Not too long ago, after having a short discussion with my dear friend Munchflower Zaius, i was informed that she had to potty. The circumstances of these may not be all that important to you, but I’m sure the entire metaverse was shook due to the nature and severity of the act. One person even said that it was information he rather not have obtained, but is still going to use it for his purposes anyway.
If you don’t know who Munchflower Zaius is, she is the owner of Nomine in Second Life, one of the most popular skin sellers in Second Life. I’ve always been good friends with this woman, but at the SLCC, while we were waiting for our planes (some several hours), I really connected with her (in a non-sexual, friendly, way). I’m quite fond of this woman, but be warned, if provoked her brand of customer service involves inserting the Mortal Kombat game, and skipping to the fatality part (remember, press block, up, down, up, down, high punch!)

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