Is Sunday a bug?

Seems like this was the weekend of drama, and today, Sunday, the day of things going wrong. At the moment, I’m at the high., with a good friend of mine, as we are discussing the current problems with the Second Life grid. It seems, and I quote from the forums:
“Second Life logins have been temporarily disabled while we investigate a performance issue affecting teleporting. Our technicians are currently investigating the issue and will re-enable logins as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.”
Makes me wonder about the continued technical challenges that are faced by Linden Labs, mainly dealing with a system that is expanding at such a rapid growth. It seems, the past few Sundays have been the source of some grid issues with Second Life. So does that mean that Sunday is a bug? Maybe a bug report is needed.
Outside of that, there was also a vendor mess I’m dealing with at Second Life Boutique. When their servers when down and came back up, it seems that I have a lot of inventory mishaps that I need to fix, which has also lead to a few other things I had to fix including note cards, descriptions, and my own in world vendors.
Yeah, I’m going to file a bug report with God, see if he can fix Sundays, they seem bugged.

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