Officially one of the major characters in the Second Skin Documentary

Those guys over at Pure West Documentaries are doing a documentary about persons within virtual worlds and their lives. They had already interviewed me and considered the possibility of following me around a bit. It seems after going through their initial part of their trailer, that they are going to follow me for the next few months, and officially saying that I’m one of their main characters for their film. I personally don’t know what to say, but will say, I’m unbelievably thrilled, excited, at the same time scared by it in some sense. Yesterday was the first time they followed me around, mainly doing morning things, brushing teeth, taking my little brother to school (which doesn’t happen all that often), on the train to work, etc, etc. it was definitely an experience walking down the street I usually walk down and knowingly being followed by a camera. All I know is that there is going to be much more of that as time goes on. They will continue to follow me around, catching me doing shows in Second Life, interacting with Second Life persons, doing real life gigs, along with the other digital and real life activities that I do. The excitement continues.

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