Another Rough Week in Second Life

This week was another rough one for Second Life citizens. It started with several attacks on the the grid this week, along with a planned update not going as can be expected. Granted, Second Life is not the most stable platform in existence, I personally like to think of it akin to what the Internet and how things began to get started in 1995, right before the .com boom occurred.

Yet all of these actions this week only prove one thing… never ever begin a project in the beginning of the week and leave it unfinished in the midsts of such chaos! Becoming displeased with the high.’s layout I decided it was time to change the layout, and was hoping to finish on Monday or Tuesday. It’s darn near the end of the work day on Wednesday and the build is still not finished. Then again I’ve been busy working on a few projects whose completion should be drawing to a near.

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  1. caner budich says:

    hmmm my gess is sum 1 is jelus and wonts the grid to be down so thay can get more money that or that haker wonts reveng for getin rid of him i gess alwell it leest the pple that made this are a great company if there was a vote for best online game i would vote for sl

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