Inital SLCC Survey Feedback Released

Thanks to Jennyfur Peregrine, the inital SLCC Survey Results have been released and she posted it on her blog. Jennyfur did an amazing job of getting the survey ready (which is still availble for more feedback) for residents to provide feedback through. The feedback that was relased pertained to SLCC 07, and suggestions and feedback for the next year.
A lot of the information was derived from this inital batch of information, most importantly two bits of feedback will probabbly interest most people. First is the top six choices for the 2007 SLCC are Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, Toronto and Philadelphia (in that order.) I am very impartial to the New York City choice (living there), but feel that Chicago, outo f these top six, would be the best possible choice being in the middle of the country and accessible to just about anyone. Las Vagas is my second top choice, only because it is close to Linden Labs, meaning that there could be a heavy presence of Lindens as there was this year.

Another bit, which I find quite amusing, is the suggested resident speakers, being: Prokofy Neva, Aimee Weber, Dana Bergson, Ulrika Zugzwang, Cristiano Midnight, Lordfly Digeridoo, Siggy Romulus, Kaia Ennui, June Dior, Kru Flan, Sitearm Madonna, Katt Kongo, Guy Kawasaki, Tao Takashi, Eric Rice, Jana Fleming, Asri Falcone, Juel Resistance, qDot Bunnyhug, Mr. Bacon, Toast Bard, Nylon Pinkney. I could imagine these personalities, although some can be very polorizing when dealing with the SLCC community and issues, would make a good roundtable discussion (if not a very heated roundtable discussion).

Although this initial feedback is not particularly new or surprizing, there iss ome improvements that need to be made to the SLCC for continue to have it truely encompass the community it represents. The conference and idea of the SLCC is a fledgling but one with a major potential in growth. One which many people seem to have an interest in.

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