Machinima attention

It seems that Machinima is getting a lot more attention these days. In Second Life, moo Money has been the person pushing for Machinima attention, being the Community Manager for Alt-Zoom Studios. She made me aware of the Mackies awards at the 2006 Machinima Festival going on in New York City (Astoria, Queens to be exact), November 4th to November 5th. Machinima also seems to be getting a lot of attention from other institutions, namely the one dubbed “South Park” with their recent episode about WoW that contained actual footage, gameplay and interaction to tell their story.

Machinima has been made popular, I believe, by the guys at Rooster Teeth with their series Red vs. Blue, a machinima done using the Halo engine. This year it seems that a lot of SLers are being nominated for Mackies, along with several World of Warcraft personalities. I’m hoping to see what those look like, mainly being the two most influential MMO’s currently.

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