Returned from Philcon

This weekend at Philcon was a very surprisingly interesting and educational gathering of friends and person’s who were interested in virtual worlds. After an evening of having 30 somewhat people dancing to Benny Benassi and remixes of Madonna, and many more gathered outside drinking or resting pre-paring another voyage onto the dance floor, Saturday many virtual world enthusiasts and participants, (at times close to 30 persons), crammed into Seminar A of the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Philadelphia. After slaying the dragon (called the elevators that take forever to arrive at your floor), we sat in the room, some close to 12 hours straight, and engaged in discussion of a wide range of issues concerning the Virtual World.
There were laughs, intrigue and just down right silliness as the panelist were streamed virtually, and the reality of what was all sci-fi was in front of many people’s faces. The fact that you had many Second Life enthusiasts, along with many other people’s interested in this virtual world, made me realize that it has really become an extension of our social networks and our lives. The interesting thing is that a lot of this is still at its infancy and we all have very long and interesting paths to follow as these virtual worlds evolve into the seamless integration of our lives that .com has.
I would like to thank all of those who attended, who provided the opportunity for such a great event, and the other panelist who made very interesting and key observations into of these discussions.
(ps. If you are interested in how people are seamlessly integrating it, you may want to develop an interest in the Second Skin Blog/Film; plenty of more information concerning that is coming soon!)

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