Still alive and busy! (details forthcoming)

Yes, I’m still alive, I’m still blogging, just been very very busy. A quick recap of what has happened since the last post:

  • I’ve had an interesting interview (details soon)
  • I’ve went to the Machinima Festival in New York City (thoughts in a future post, soon!)
  • I’ve been invited to speak at Philcon 2006 as a guest panelist on virtual worlds (details after the event)
  • I’ve DJed for the opening of Scion City (sponsored by Millions of Us – afterthoughts in a future blog post)
  • I’ve also did an event at the Elbow Room (which was fun and interesting – reminded me of my days back in GridStream Productions, I’ll most likely DJ there again soon)
  • And I had dinner last night with Victor and Juan of Pure West Documentaries (just a fun get together, sharing of ideas, and drinks! I really enjoy hanging with that bunch. Oh yeah, more about Pure West Documentaries soon).

There’s also been some development of a new product (to be announced in the near future), and update for an existing product (to be updated in the very near future), and working on current projects in development (yep, you guessed it, details are coming soon.) Oh yeah, keep an eye out, there is going to be some tweaking to the current site layout and design (the changes are… yeah you guess it.)

So there’s a lot going on, but the full details, thoughts, explanations are coming in the near future!

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