Four Eyed Monsters in Second Life

It has been an exciting few days, which has ended with the release of the Four Eyed Monsters Podcast Viewing Area, now available to visit on Sheep Island. I was introduced to the Four Eyed Monsters film by Jerry Paffendorf (a.k.a. SNOOPYBrown Zamboni) and later when approached by on working on the build. I was really excited to help due to the creative nature of the film, I felt that a build could be done to recreate the same creative atmosphere. There were to main goals I had for this build, the first was to best represent the film (which is the goal of any build), but the second was to be able to present it in a creative, interesting, and different way than we are used to, a theme similar to the film. Rather than making an upright 3D build, this build is large notepad, and forces you to interact with the notepad by looking downward. The idea of a flat build in a 3D space was pretty mind-boggling at first, but it was such an interesting “new” idea that it also turned out to be a perfect representation for the film.
Using the flat notepad theme, the idea was further expanded by giving visitors the ability to “write” on the giant notepad. This is done by a scribbling attachment that leaves a trail of ink where ever you walk, this attachment was created by Moopf Murray (based on his trail-blazing Icicle Skates). To further force visitors to interact with the notepad, little notepads that act as seats were created. The notepad texture was created by Aimee Weber, who also provided a notepaper texture that is used on the bulletin board that teleports you to the build. To further enhance this interaction, each seat has three sitting poses that are randomly chosen when you sit on them and a script that changes your camera angle through a pop-up menu. This camera script was agonizing but not possible without the help of Brian Chrils (the web guru).

Other highlights of the build is that Brian created a globe that had dots, each representing a location in the world where Four Eyed Monsters has been requested to be shown. There are also links to the website, their podcast, and to request a screening in your city. Another great feature that was added is the dancing Susan, who animates when you come close to her. This animation is taken straight from the film, when Susan leaves the states and goes to a rave. There are a lot of other items that are taken straight from the website or film, such as the notepad, which is a direct copy of the Four Eyed Monsters website. The two monster hearts that appear everywhere on the build was also hand drawn by Susan.
I am really satisfied with the end result of the build, as I feel it represents several things I have always felt were important when creating Second Life: 1) force new, interesting, or unique ways of interacting with the build and its message, 2) add features that fit with its theme, but also interact with its space, 3) have Second Life members participate with existing products to enhance the idea of your build in new creative ways.

I would really like to thank Jerry Paffendorf, The Electric Sheep Company, Four Eyed Monsters, Aimee Webber, Moopf Murray, Brian Chrils for your help in making this build a success. Some further news with the build is that Moo Money will be doing some Machinima surrounding the build, Lo Jacobs has made skins of Arin and Susan (the two characters of Four Eyed Monsters) for when they enter and participate in further events in Second Life concerning Four Eyed Monsters, such as the Sundance Channel’s screening (details on the date when available).

[EDIT: Pictures are coming later tonight, they are not readily available yet, do check Jerry’s blog for some initial pictures of the build]

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  1. Mike Hedge says:

    Crazy Second Life premiere. It was awesome!

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