ARG! Technical Difficulties!

Today’s show on RadioRadio was cancled due to some major technical difficulties, and other life problems. Essentially my network has had it, those who have listened to the recent shows have heard some of my frustration and networking woes. A solution is in place, a NAS (Networked Attached Storage) is on its way and will house all of my music to my wireless network.

I feel I’m running a less than optimal setup while the NAS does help, I would love to have an aging laptop to replace, the software juggling that is DJing. I really with that there was a software program that manages the usefulness of SAM Broadcaster with the Ease of Winamp and the features of my Denoon DN-X1000’s. Hopefully a solution will rear it’s way soon to the market… hopefully!

Also, here’s something from the past that I found – man I need to see if I can download a copy for my own self – Nexeus Fatale’s last show on GSP . (Damn I used to talk really fast on my shows….. geeez)

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