Stay over at the Boggie Down!

It was about -20 billion below, or at least it felt that way, when I was waiting for Victor, from Pure West Productions to pick me up. Currently, Victor, his bother Juan, and their friend Peter are all working on the Second Skin documentary (of which I am one of their subjects). Through this process, we have developed a friendship/kinship, have had discussions, and plenty of e-mails from me forwarding them to articles about the virtual world. This kinship was put to the test, as we discovered our inner guitarist (by playing Guitar Hero… I’ve learned I suck at playing the virtual guitar), our inner gangsta (by playing Grand Theift Auto: San Andreas – which we learned that track betting is the best possible way to make money in real life – if you have a save point, and yes it is possible to be helping the po-po while being chased by them), and by then going heads up in several rounds of Bomber Man (the score was Victor – 3, Juan – 2 and Myself -1… I will avenge my losses!)

Regardless of my friendship with the members of Pure West Documentaries (whom shielded me from having to head back to BKLYN in the freezing cold last night, instead, allowed me to head back to in the freezing cold this morning!), I am really excited about their film and the progress of it. I also found out that a short I saw (and quite amused and shocked by), was also done by the group (see: fart match). It is really interesting to discuss with them the nature of virtual worlds and MMOG’s as each one has a different relation to them (quick side note: I almost want to find out what sever Peter is on and battle him in PVP… I’ll probably loose but that’s a different story). It is also interesting to watch and be a part of a documentary of this nature. If you don’t know of it, definitely check out the site Second Skin.

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