Online DJ Wiki Back in Development

One of the best things never developed for Online DJ’s was a source of information on how to DJ. Ever since I’ve met my first Virtual DJ, I’ve always wanted to understand how it works, until becoming one myself. Throughout the years I’ve been asked, prodded, and picked for information about how to DJ technically. One of the two projects I started some time ago was to create a wiki for those interested in DJing, to make a real resource as to make it easy for everyone to access the same information, follow the same steps, etc. While I’ve installed a few wiki systems, I was never really comfortable with one until zoho wiki was released to the public. The reason I chose Zoho Wiki is for its easy editing system (although it’s navigation could use some work).

After deciding the system to use the Online DJ Wiki was created, and now undergoing its first major revisions. My plans for the wiki is to collect, organize and place as much information I have. Soon after a good solid structure and concrete information is placed, the wiki will be made public for edits, further information and corrections. In the beginning the wiki will be only editable by myself and a select few to preserve the information placed. Soon after my plan is to allow the public to include further information while a management team oversees the wiki.

I am really excited about this project for many reasons, but mainly that it places a lot of information for those who wish to DJ and are interested in it, all at their fingertips.

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4 Responses to Online DJ Wiki Back in Development

  1. Arvind says:

    Thanks for choosing Zoho Wiki, Nexeus! Yes, it does need an overhaul in the navigation area and we plan to do it very soon.

    And all the very best on your new project 🙂

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  3. raevyn says:

    In the mean time, anyone have links to additional information on DJing online?

  4. The best places to look at the tutorials at Stream Solutions ( they seem to have very effective and useful tutorials, but are not as comprehensive.

    You may also want to check out the new location of the wiki

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