Router Frustration

At some of my recent events, listeners have heard long pauses between the music being played. No this is not a new form of censorship, rather it seems to be my router unable to continue to keep up with the demands of my networking needs. Let me explain – the way I DJ is over my wireless network, I use two computer systems, a desktop that runs Second Life, and a laptop that plays the music and streams it out to the public. Of late, my music has buffered over my network, and I realized that there was performance issues with my desktop. Using an un-used PCI wireless card, I though I had solved the problem… but that did not solve the problem. For years, i wanted to obtain a NAS (or Networked Attached Storage – it is a hard drive connected to your network). It arrived this week, and I began tests, and that was not the case… Second Life as well as WoW has been messing of up late… therefor my router was to blame!

So now, I have a new router waiting for me at Circuit City, and hopefully it will solve all of the networking problems that I have had over the past few weeks. If not… well… lets not go there.

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