Router Frustrations: Epilogue

It seems that my issues have been resolved! I have a router that seems to work, I have a hard drive with music that seems to like me. I have a modem that is not restarting itself. And it seems that I’ve back and able to do my job, enjoy the things I do online once again. PHEW!!!

I am still upset at the two events I was scheduled to do that I was not able to participate, and have to apologize to The Electric Sheep Company, AOL, Showtime and The L Word for my string of technical issues. Although they were all out of my control, I still feel responsible for not being able to put on some sort of quality showing for those who expected to hear me. This Wednesday, I have a show on The L Word Sim, a make up show, if you will to those listeners and The L Word community. Here’s to hoping all remains up to top shape until then!

I would also say that, my experience with the Optimum Online customer support throughout this entire ordeal has been pretty damn good! Even the walk-in center the staff was friendly, courteous, smiling… what ever drugs Optimum are feeding their employees to make them smiling, happy, people needs to be distributed to the rest of the industry!

And now, with all of that out of the way, I have to play a HUGE game of catch up… great!

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