Chapter 26

Today is my birthday (YAY!), and I would be lying if i said that this week has not been a typical birthday week at all. Even today, New York City is being hit with a Northeastern. Then again, anything being typical seems to be normalcy for me. This past year has been filled with interesting, crazy, not-normal events, and I’ve loved every moment of it. From the Second Skin crew following me to work to helping run SLCC ’06 in San Fransisco to DJing at PhilCon, and to all of the mistakes I’ve made this past year it has definitely been one to remember.

There has been a few lessons I’ve learned being 25, the most important being that everything all adds up. Everything that you do, accomplish, your habits, routines, all add up in the long run. Some day you end up wondering how did you get where you were and you take a look back and realize that it was the path that you walked on, the steps of the ladder you climbed that brought you to where you were, it wasn’t the ladder or path itself.

The other really important lesson that I’ve learned is that, people like you for who you are, just the way that you are. I know, it sounds funny and self-evident, but think about all of the times you’ve changed yourself, the way you look, what you’ve said for other people. Don’t change, be yourself.

Lastly, and this is a lesson I’m learning right now, and that is life isn’t an emergency. Not one bit. Don’t treat it like one.

(edit: Damn, those guys over at Pure West Documentaries know how to show the love!

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