Rest for the weary…

The past day I went Northbound to hang out with the Pure West Documentaries guys not too shortly after their computer decided to melt down and a day turned into what seemed to be a horrible mess. Although it was made up in beer, being pummeled in Taboo and Shout About Movies 1, and Spaceballs. While the guys are resting and begin to prepare for their upcoming trek to gather more footage from the Syndicate and a group in Indiana, I was able to use the visit as a rest and preparation for the several projects that I have coming along the way, all which I’m very excited about.

It is moments like these, the calms in the storm, where I sit back and wonder “wow, I did a lot, how was I able to get from this point to this point?” rather than the “GODDAMNIT! I’M BEING BURIED!!!” I guess I rather complain about being busy and doing interesting things than being on my ass wondering what I am going to do next.

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