Second Life Community Convention (SLCC), Virtual Worlds Conference, and more

Being that the ticket price for the Virtual Worlds Conference was well beyond my current budget and many of the participants who I work directly with on the SLCC were attending, I did not participate in the Virtual Worlds 2007 conference in New York City. However, after today’s events there was a meeting concerning the Second Life Community Convention (SLCC), mainly ironing out all of the progress we have had so far, and establishing final steps to make this years conference a success.

The beauty about these conferences is that I get to see my two friends, Jeska and Catherine Linden – two people who have really helped me on important projects, development and issues that I’m working on within Second Life. Of the people in Second Life, both Jeska and Catherine are of my favorite! I also get to have my dear friends FlipperPA and his wife Jennyfur in person for wonderful commentary, if you have not met these people they are some of the most interesting, wonderful, and nicest people in all of the metaverse.

Tonight ended with discussion with Spin Martin about hip-hop culture in Virtual Worlds (we have an agreement that Tank from the Matrix (Marcus Chong) or Ty Diggs should play the main character in the movie adaptation), and Jeska looking up at a red balloon. There were also plenty of other thoughts that made me re-think about the metaverse and certain over MMO worlds (such as Kaneva which is getting a lot of publicity). The major theme from the conference seemed that controlling the content is an important thing, but from the discussions with those I know it isn’t the content control – but rather what the user is doing with your content. It’s complicated, and it hurts my head a lot, but I’m happy at least this sort of discourse is happening.

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