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So there’s this project I’m working on called (, it’s a mixed-reality concert (happening in a real and virtual space of Second Life), here are my recent thoughts about it:

“I’m finding difficulty describing exactly what is. It could be described as a concert, a virtual concert and a mixed-reality project, but it feels much more than just those three things. In a way it parallels what Woodstock was to the 70’s, the combination of art, culture and a generation at a concert at one place at one time. If you never understood the culture of the time, Woodstock was the perfect embodiment of it.

Fast-forward to today and the world has changed significantly in 30 years. We’ve become more technological, our purchased for music, clothing, books, equipment are happening at the click of a button without ever seeing the project in front of our eyes until it is delivered. Our lives have become very digital, from our e-mail (who sends letters by envelope anymore), to the way we express ourselves (MySpace), to the way we interact socially (Second Life).

The more I think about Virtualive, the more I begin to believe that is a representation of how digital our lives have become, and it could be this generations Woodstock. The mixing of art, culture, and music in two places, the real person would and the virtual person world; all at the same time.”

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  1. Well said sir!
    You are a poet and a scholar (and not a bad DJ 🙂 )

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