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Altoids Gay Pride Month at the L Word sponsors Gay Pride Month for June at The L Word in Second Life. Kickoff party starts on Friday, June 1st, 2007 @ 4 PM Pacific, Second Life Time/7PM Eastern Continue reading

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Linden Lab Boston Recruiting Party

It seems that Boston is home of all sorts of parties, the Boston Tea Party, the “We Finally Beat the Yankees after 80-somewhat years” Party, and now the Linden Lab Boston Recruiting Party. This party is a way for the Linden’s to meet potential new employees and hire them. If your passionate about emerging technologies, or passionate about Second Life and have the skills that they are seeking, AND willing to head over to New England, I would recommend that you submit your resume and get an invite to the party. Not only will you get to meet Linden’s and discuss things Second Life (in attempts to become recruited), but you’ll also enjoy a plethora of music spun by myself! For those who got invited, I’ll be seeing you there, remember to put your best foot forward and good luck! Continue reading

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You do what you gotta do

There’s a book, a really good one out there called First Things First: To Live, to Love, to Learn, to Leave a Legacy by Franklyn Covey. It is about how to prioritize your life to get the “first things” done … Continue reading

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NF Live

Good news! I’ve been picked up by the Electric Sheep Company for doing weekly event for them in their spaces in Second Life. It all starts May 11th, at 8pm EST (5pm PDT), with a show at The L Word, … Continue reading

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Last night, went off without a hitch! (well outside of Adam unplugging the routers to charge his phone, I think that moment will live on forever!) You can catch the play-by-play here. We had around 100 people at the … Continue reading

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Keep up with me on

So the concert is today, I’ve been here since 11 am, and I’m updating things that are going on, as I see them around me, hopefully even through the event!!! Keep up with things here

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