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Important SLCC Announcements Made

SLCC ‘07 LogoAs the SLCC approaches, several announcements have been made about the SLCC. The first answers some growing concerns about what behavior or what people are to expect from the SLCC, a SLCC Community Standards Agreement outlines what is to be expected while being at the SLCC (which is fun and respect! These aren’t the forums people!) My co-tract leader of the Social Tract shot out a call list for the tract SL and the media, definitely check it out and see if you fit the bill! Third has been an announcement for those wishing to cover the SLCC from a press or journalistic angle. There have been many requests for the Future United, Inc. from the media, and this Journalistic Credentials and announcement is a great resource to understand what the press has resources to from the Future United, Inc. Two months until the SLCC happens, and things are just ramping up! Continue reading

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7.1.07 – Nicky Ree Fashion Show

nr_fashion_show_poster.jpgThis weekend on ASpiRE! Isle, I’ll be DJing the the Nicky Ree fashion show which is also the Final Competition for the ASpiRE! Model Search. The winner of the competition will receive an Extreme Home Make-Over from Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft, featured in advertisements for Nicky Ree’s new line of products, and 10,000 $L along with a position within the ASpiRE! Modeling Agency in Second Life! It all starts at 12pm PDT/SLT (which is 3pm EDT) on July 1st at ASpiRE! Isle. Continue reading

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Ineternet Radio Day of Silence!

SaveNetRadio.orgIn about 18 Days, Internet Radio will die because of the new Internet Royalty Rates that were decided by the Copyright Review Board (see Broadcast Law Blogs very good coverage here: here).

This not only effects radio stations, but also DJ’s, Second Life Club owners, and anyone who listens to music online. The new proposed fees will turn off a lot of radio stations (and have already shut down a few), and aggregation services such as Loudcity.

I would ask that anyone who cares about Internet Radio, please look at the Save Net Radio campaign, sign a petition, and support legislation that makes these royalty fees fair for broadcasters to continue to operate online. Continue reading

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The Guide to Online DJing (now in beta!)

For the past year I’ve been working on a wiki that describes how to DJ Online. As each month passes small steps small steps are made with the Wiki, something gets edited, a screen shot is updated, things are investigated … Continue reading

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6.24.07 – ASpiRE! Fashion and Music Extravaganza & ASpiRE! Model Challenge #6

ASpiRE! is taking some of SL’s top designers and mixing them with some of SL’s top live perfomers to present you with the ASpiRE! Fashion and Music Extravaganza!! ASpiRE!’s gorgeous models will work the runway as they showcase the new … Continue reading

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Silent Sparrow Fashion Show – 6.23.07

Nexeus Fatale in Silent Sparrow's clothingSilent Sparrow is having her fashion show on ASpiRE! Isle 6/23/07 at 4pm in honor of the grand opening of her new sim Silent Sparrow (where there will be an afterparty afterwards). She is showing off a lot of her recent clothing and styles (which tend to be on the more gothic, industrial side which I like). You can even check me out wearing one of her mens items while DJing this event. Continue reading

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Trouble Everyday – On The Way to Disaster

Trouble Everyday - On the Way to DisasterOff of their recent concert in Second Life, Trouble Everyday is coming to Brooklyn to perform at the Luna Lounge, performing songs from their recent album “On the Way to Disaster.”

Trouble Everyday is a mixture of sounds, part punk rock, part hard rock, part modern “pop/rock”. Continue reading

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Day of Silence June 26th, 2007

Announced on the Radio and Internet Newsletter, a Day of Silence for Internet Broadcasts has been announced to help draw attention to the rise in royalty rates for Internet Broadcasters.

Only June 26th, 2007, several web broadcasting stations, including, Live365,, and Loudcity, have announced their participation into this Day of Silence event. Continue reading

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SLCC Live Musician Slot Open until July 4th!

Nethermind has posted on the SLCC Blog that Flaming Moe, one of the well known live musicians in Second Life, has taken an opportunity to play saxophone on an European cruse ship for the next six months (way to go Moe!) Moe is a very talented Saxophonist and I was really interested in hearing the collaboration between him and DJ Doubledown during the Masquerade on Saturday night. It is a loss not to have Flaming Moe at the Second Life Community Convention this year, I’m really happy for any person that is able to get a great opportunity musically! Continue reading

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Second Skin Website is Updated

The guys over at Pure West Documentaries have a new design for their upcoming film “Second Skin”, and it looks really really cool (and a whole lot more organized!) While there are a lot of upcoming documentaries, films, and projects … Continue reading

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