6.24.07 – ASpiRE! Fashion and Music Extravaganza & ASpiRE! Model Challenge #6

ASpiRE! is taking some of SL’s top designers and mixing them with some of SL’s top live perfomers to present you with the ASpiRE! Fashion and Music Extravaganza!! ASpiRE!’s gorgeous models will work the runway as they showcase the new designs Musashi-Do Fashions, Tres Beau, House of Nyla, Casa del Shai, Calla Hair, caLLie cLine, and X3D.

But, the excitement does not stop there! As the ASpiRE! models do what they do best in these fabulous designs you will be swept away by the tremendous musical talents of Fflewddur Llanfair, Flaming Moe, Aisha Yao, and JasonDark Juran.

This amazing event will be Sunday, June 24th at 11am SL (2pm EDT) on ASpiRE! Isle (114,149,26).

Immediately following this event (around 1:30pm SL, 4:30 pm EDT) is ASpiRE! Model Search Challenge Event #6. The contestants will be modeling inside of the stores that were showcased in the ASpiRE! Fashion and Music Extravaganza and we want YOUR public opinion!! DJ Nexeus will be providing us with some of his hot tracks. So, you can party while you shop. Stop by, enjoy the fun, excitement and music.

Once again, we anticipate a full sim, so don’t delay in securing your seat!!! This is an SL event you absolutely do NOT want to miss!!! So, pull out your favorite outfit (new or old) and your dancing shoes! Prepared to be dazzled!!!

(this was written by Trina Noland, and was a lot better than anything I could come up with!)

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