Day of Silence June 26th, 2007

Announced on the Radio and Internet Newsletter, a Day of Silence for Internet Broadcasts has been announced to help draw attention to the rise in royalty rates for Internet Broadcasters.

Only June 26th, 2007, several web broadcasting stations, including, Live365,, and Loudcity, have announced their participation into this Day of Silence event.

These new royalty rates not only affect just Internet Radio, but also most DJ’s and Radio Station in Second Life. I strongly recommend any Second Life DJ, Radio Station, Shoutcast or Stream Host, Club or Venue owner who relies on Net Based Radio to participate in the Save Net Radio campaign and to participate in the Day of Silence on June 26th.

For more information about the Day of Silence, visit:
Save Net Radio’s announcement
RAIN’s “Plan’s for ‘Day of Silence’ Rapidly taking Shape
LoudCity’s Announcement to Participate in the Day of Silence

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