DJ’s Chosen for the SLCC

Finally, after much work, I was able to publish the list of DJ’s, groups and persons who would be participating at the SLCC 2007. What took this so long to gather was just a logistical nightmare that gathering multiple DJ’s in Second Life is (that’s another post for another time). Most importantly, I want to say congratulations to the following people:

  1. Radio Radio
  2. Stormy Wilde
  3. Naydee McGettigan
  4. Ganesha Xi
  5. Chelle Moore
  6. Danielle Ferguson
  7. DJ Doubledown Tandino
  8. Nala Galatea
  9. Maxx Monde
  10. Nitron Xi
  11. SecondCast
  12. Slim Warrior
  13. Flaming Moe

It will be a great amount of fun to see you all at the SLCC and to see what we can accomplish together as DJ’s, Podcasters, and Performers in one space!

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